We put the best practice in your Salesforce development.

Clayton is the code assistant that helps Salesforce teams keep their apps secure and robust at all times. It automatically finds vulnerabilities and help developers fix any problems straight away.

The most in-depth code analysis for Salesforce

Designed to automate complex review tasks that could only be performed by highly-skilled Salesforce experts.

Built-in vulnerability scanning

Clayton helps you keep your developer secure, scanning against top OWASP vulnerabilities.


Add to your development pipeline, and have every code changes checked automatically. SFDX ready.

Trusted by incredible teams with more than 20 million lines of code every day.

Tom Carman

Technical Lead


"It's annoyingly good."

Dave Evans

Head of Technical Services

Echo MS

"In my opinion, the best source scanning tool for Salesforce development teams."

Ivan Almeida, 

Certified Technical Architect

Sapient i7

"Clayton is miles ahead of everything that I have used in the past. Its security features go far beyond every other product in this space."

Set it up in seconds (and forget about it)


Link with your GitHub, Bitbucket
or GitLab repository


Fine-tune your security rules 

and integration preferences


Your code is scanned automatically, on every push or pull request.


Get all developments first-time-right. Maximise your velocity. Avoid business disruptions.

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